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aholelabledlove's Journal

2 July 1991
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I realized I don't have anything written here, it's about time I change that...

Well hello to whoever is reading this! I'm aHoleLabledLove, your friendly lj reader, and mod of RealAsFakeGets. I'm always interested in talking to other people, and I promise I only bite when asked. Feel free to drop me a message, or add me as a friend. I don't post a lot, but I'm fun to talk to.

To whomever has read my bio, realized there was not one, but two spelling mistakes; thanks for not telling me, assholes.

EVERYBODY! LOOKIE AT MY PUPPY!! *points at puppy* His name is Puppy, and he's a puppy. He has a chair 'cuz he's cooler than you. shadow_hive gave Puppy to me and I love him for it! <333

Also, I know have a tinfoil helmet thanks to dandygrrrl... But you wouldn't want one. And Jellybeans are way to gangsta for you.